Bruce Lipton One Minute Shift | Healing Perceptions

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Bruce Lipton One Minute Shift | Healing Perceptions

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Do our genes control our health? Epigenetics research challenges the conventional beliefs about genes and reveals the role of emotion on our bodies and health. In this video, author and cellular biologist Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D. explores the importance of perception in maintaining optimal health.

The interview footage of Bruce H. Lipton Ph.D. in this One Minute Shift was graciously provided by the producer/director of The Science of Peace.

Video Credits:

  • Executive Producer/Director: Angela Murphy
  • Producer / Editor: Mark Krigbaum
  • Post-production/Graphics: MKC Media
  • Interview footage compliments of The Science of Peace (All rights reserved)
  • SOP Producer/Director: Olivia Barham
  • Videographer: David Drewry
  • Music: Robert Neary
  • Special thanks to Kate McCallum
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