Technology and the Transformative Journey Interactive Interview

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Technology and the Transformative Journey Interactive Interview

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Technology and the Transformative Journey Interactive Interview

While ancient “technologies” such as drumming, music, plant medicines, and fire gazing continue to be practiced, humanity is now developing and using new tools to achieve higher levels of awareness. How can we hold this growing mix of technology and personal and planetary awakening? What is the role of technology in transformation? What do new technologies offer that is different or builds on the traditional tools of our ancestors? What are the shadow sides to incorporating these technologies into our lives?

In this interactive conversation, Julia Mossbridge (Director of the IONS Innovation Lab) and Andrea Livingston (Lead of the IONS NextGen Initiative) discuss these questions and more. Julia also describes the new category oftranscendence tech being developed through the IONS Innovation Lab.

Produced as part of our Insider ConnectIONS series presented to members of the IONS community, this recording includes questions and comments from online audience members who participated in the taping

Bonus Video

Participants in the original webinar had so many thoughts about the topic and the tools discussed that Julia and Andrea continued the conversation in this follow up video -- focusing on the questions they couldn’t get to in the original hour.


Below are reference links to some of the resources discussed in this conversation:

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Publication Date: 
June 1, 2017
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