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The Science of Worldview Transformation Webinar

Most of the work being done towards changing how people relate to the environment and social justice is well-intentioned, but ineffective or counterproductive. This insightful webinar and Q&A session with Dr. Cassandra Vieten will provide some surprising ideas about how worldviews change, and how we can encourage sustainable behavioral changes in ourselves and others.

Presented on April 18, 2017 as part of our Insider ConnectIONS series for members of the IONS community, this recording includes questions and comments from online audience members who participated in the taping

Technology and the Transformative Journey Interactive Interview

While ancient “technologies” such as drumming, music, plant medicines, and fire gazing continue to be practiced, humanity is now developing and using new tools to achieve higher levels of awareness. How can we hold this growing mix of technology and personal and planetary awakening? What is the role of technology in transformation? What do new technologies offer that is different or builds on the traditional tools of our ancestors? What are the shadow sides to incorporating these technologies into our lives?

"Conscious Medicine" with Lee Lipsenthal and Marilyn Schlitz (part 5 of 5)

In this segment Marilyn and Lee discuss factors of physical, psycho-social, and energetic resonance that create attraction in relationships and if those attractors can influence the healing relationship between practitioner and patient. They explore different types of research that has been done or could be done to help identify co-resonance. Marilyn mentions the experiment conducted at IONS with couples; one with cancer and the other trained in loving kindness practices.

"Conscious Medicine" with Lee Lipsenthal and Marilyn Schlitz (part 4 of 5)

In this segment, Marilyn and Lee discuss the broken health care system and the increased public interest in more integrated care. Lee explains the drawbacks from a business perspective, but indicates the cost of preventative care outweighs the expense of costly procedures such as by-pass surgery. As the baby-boomers age the investment to develop, staff and provide space for integrative care becomes cost effective.

"Conscious Medicine" with Lee Lipsenthal and Marilyn Schlitz (part 3 of 5)

Lee Lipsenthal, MD, talks with Marilyn Schlitz in this segment about social interactions and group support positively effecting health. Lee discusses research and statistics that indicate interpersonal connection at a level of vulnerability can have an effect on the healing process from heart disease, blood pressure and depression. The quality of interaction rather than the quantity of interactions is important. Social isolation from deep meaningful conversations at least once a day at work or at home can have a detrimental effect on your health.

"Conscious Medicine" with Lee Lipsenthal and Marilyn Schlitz (part 1 of 5)

In this first section, IONS Board Member Lee Lipsenthal talks with IONS President Marilyn Mandala Schlitz about changes in allopathic health care and the wider acceptance of meditation, yoga, and consciousness in healing practices. They discuss research indicating patient's increased willingness to follow doctor's instructions when the patient feels the physician is really present with them.


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