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"Healing Journey" with Jean Houston (part 2 of 2)

The journey of personal and social transformation follows a path of reweaving the self wherein the human being becomes what he or she truly is. Jean explores physical, psychological, mythical, and spiritual paths that are to be found on this healing journey. One can become a world server filled with a passion for the possible, and having the capacities to make these possibilities happen.

"Crossing the Event Horizon" with Nassim Haramein (part 1 of 2)

Nassim Haramein's investigation of the geometry of hyperspace combines quantum physics and cosmological understandings of universal forces with a new solution to Einstein field equations, unifying physics and integrating other sciences into a cohesive whole. Haramein's solution resulted from studies of ancient codes left in monuments and documents around the world, and may lead to some of the most important discoveries in written history.

"Ecopsychology" with Carl Anthony

Environmental justice activist Carl Anthony talks about the way in which our understanding of nature can provide a new vision of the struggle for racial and social justice.

Ecopsychology tells us that the healing of the self, and the healing of the planet are intertwined. Carl contends that there is an Ecopsychological blind spot in the United States, due to its Eurocentric perspective, which as has been based on the dominance paradigm. The “self” that ecopsychology needs to address, is a multi-cultural self, with many voices and many perspectives.


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