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"Taboos in Science and Spirituality" with Dean Radin (part 3 of 4)

Concepts that challenge the scientific dogma of the day are defined as Stubborn Taboos by Dean in this segment. The topics of homeopathy, cold fusion and UFO studies are all Stubborn Taboos. Acupuncture used to be a stubborn taboo but that status is fading. Dean also approaches his third category of taboos and reflects on the contradiction between the interest of the population with topics including psychic phenomenon and lack of University support of research in that area.

"Taboos in Science and Spirituality" with Dean Radin (part 2 of 4)

In this segment Dean identifies three types of taboos in science: transitory, stubborn and double secret super taboos. The transitory taboos include stem cell research from human embryos, human cloning and human waste disposal research (or the “poo taboo”). Another taboo is that it is virtually impossible to question the causal relationship between HIV and AIDS. The reason he calls these transitory taboos is because these are controversies that won’t last forever. At one time invetro fertilization, organ transplants and vaccinations were considered extremely controversial.

How Has a Transformational Experience Changed Your Life?

On the Apollo Fourteen mission to the moon, Edgar Mitchell had a transformational experience. When he returned to Earth, he discovered that his experience was called “Samadhi” — A profound state of consciousness told of by mystics and saints, depicted by artists, and experienced by meditation practitioners for centuries. This video features Marilyn Schlitz, IONS President/CEO; Dean Radin, IONS Senior Scientist; and Cassandra Vieten, IONS Director of Research as they explore the role of Transformation in our lives and the influence it has on our culture.

Living Deeply Practices DVD

Currently out of print, Living Deeply: Practices from the World's Transformative Traditions is a digital video disc containing nine experiential practices guided by master teachers of transformative traditions including: Catholicism, Religious Science, Buddhism, Himalayan Yoga, Cross-Cultural Shamanism, Sufism, Expressive Arts, Kabbalism, and African Yoruban Spirituality. This unique and compelling video, appropriate for both individual and group use, offers a glimpse into spiritual practices that you might not otherwise encounter.

Luisah Teish One Minute Shift | A Different World

Author and ritual priestess Luisah Teish takes us on a journey through rituals and dreams to connect with capsules of energy that still exist from our thoughts, emotions and ancestors. We can create a different world if we recognize our energetic connection with everyone on this planet.


Video Credits:

  • Producer/Director: Mark Krigbaum
  • Executive Producer: Angela Murphy
  • Post-production/Graphics: MKC Media
  • Videographer: Kelly Durkin

The Seeker

It is 1925 and India’s struggle for independence is in disarray, impeded by factionalism among its leaders and rising incidents of unrest across the country. Meanwhile, having withdrawn himself from active politics, Mahatma Gandhi is in an ashram immersed in what he considers the most important undertaking of his life—the creation of a community that is wholly dedicated to the highest standards of self-discipline, tolerance, and austerity.


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