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"Mind, Brain, and Consciousness" with Larry Dossey

Dean Radin hosts this conversation with Larry Dossey. Premonitions involve the ability to see events that may happen in the future. Premonitions involve the ability of consciousness to function noetically, beyond the constraints of space and time. Dr. Dossey discusses why this capacity should be viewed as a form of preventive medicine, and what premonitions imply about our origins and destiny.

"Raising Happiness" with Christine Carter

Angela Murphy hosts this discussion with Christine Carter. Did you know that we can teach kids the skills they need for happiness? Drawing on what science tells us about the factors that breed happiness in childhood and beyond, Dr. Christine Carter teaches us simple seeds we can sow in our children’s lives that set the stage for their optimism, emotional health, and confidence—while helping us become happier parents at the same time!

"Consciousness to Action" with Andrew Beath (part 2 of 2)

EarthWays founder Andrew Beath creates a collective experience of sacred activism through discussion and implementation of the principles in his book Consciousness to Action. Starting with philosophy in the first half of the workshop, and moving to experiential activism in the second half, Andrew explores how activism and change of consciousness are a mutually reinforcing cycle.


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