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Teleseminar with Stephen Post (sample)

Stephen Post, author of Why Good Things Happen to Good People talks with Cassandra Vieten about the science of love, compassion, and forgiveness. He sites scientific studies which reveal the human need to live compassionately. One example he gives: accomplishing the 12th step in AA (to help someone else), statistically increases the likelihood of success in the program. They discuss the importance of positive interaction in the family and the need for respite time for caregivers.

"The Way of the Healer" with Janet Quinn

In this seminar, through our conversation and gentle inquiry, we explore the essential principles inherent in walking this earth in the way of the healer. Not only those in the health professions are called to this ancient way, in fact, unfortunately, many are not. Each of us, by intention and choice, can be a source for healing. We can develop in ourselves the capacity to accompany people on the healing journey – and all people are on that journey towards wholeness - regardless of the starting point, the tools used, or the outcome achieved.

"Correlations, Consciousness, and the GCP" with Roger Nelson (interview and Q&A)

The Global Consciousness Project (GCP) is a long-term experiment that extends psi research to global dimensions, looking for effects of mass consciousness. We predict that events which produce widely shared emotional reactions will register as unexpected structure in random data sequences. The GCP is associated with the Institute of Noetic Sciences, which has provided its logistical home since 1998.


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