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Great Shift Dialogue: Michael Bernard Beckwith and David Hawkins (excerpt)

Power vs. Force author David Hawkins and Agape International founder Michael Bernard Beckwith describe important shifts in perception that represent the foundation for making shifts in the world. They explore the importance of simply being more aware and more loving and the ways that people can incorporate such shifts into their daily lives. Forgiveness, compassion and reverence toward ourselves, God, and fellow humans can, they assure us, heal our sense of separation and increase our experience of well-being.

"Medicine as Spiritual Practice" with Jeanne Achterberg

Jeanne Achterberg shares her broad understanding of medicine as anything that helps or heals, and describes the parallels between the process of helping people in crises and spiritual practice. She explains how medicine is a spiritual practice that creates healing through profound relationship bonds at five levels: the transpersonal bond, soul connection, touch, community, and love. Sustaining the belief that authentic connection between humans generates healing light and energy, Achterberg honors heart wisdom, science, and the mysterious integration of mind, body, and spirit.


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