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"Consciousness and Non-Duality" with Amit Goswami

Even today, the tendency is to look at consciousness dualistically --- consciousness separate from matter. This position is not compatible with science; so scientists have emphasized material monism/everything is matter philosophy. We show that this is not compatible with quantum physics. We then develop a fully paradox-free idea of monistic idealism --- everything is consciousness. We discuss how a science based on this nondual philosophy succeeds as an inclusive science that can deal with all natural phenomena.

"The Curious Illusion of Consciousness" with Susan Blackmore

Consciousness is said to be the greatest mystery facing science, and the core problem is dualism. From early childhood most of us feel as though we are a separate entity that inhabits our body, has a stream of conscious experiences, and acts of its own free will. Yet this is all delusion. The brain is a massively parallel system with no central place where such a self could be, no need of one, and no way in which it could affect its brain.

"The Mind of God" with Deepak Chopra

Marilyn Schlitz hosts this conversation with Deepak Chopra. How can we begin to fathom the Mind of God? Chances are it won’t look like the God taught in Sunday school. What will the deity look like? He/She/It will reflect our own state of evolution. Insofar as we understand our own consciousness, we will understand where it came from, which is God.


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