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Ganzfeld Psi Performance Within an Artistically Gifted Population

ESP Ganzfeld study with exceptional population, students from Juilliard School in New York City. Twenty undergraduate Juilliard students each served as a receiver in a single telepathy Ganzfeld session. Juilliard students achieved a significant success rate of 50%, double the chance of expectation. Students of music demonstrated the most outstanding performance; six of the eight musicians obtained direct hits or 75%. As a group, the Juilliard students' performance was significantly superior to the PRL general population.

Living Deeply Practice: "Wholeness" with Baba Harihar Ramji

Baba Harihar Ramji is a bridge between the ancient and modern world. Continuing the mystical lineage of the Aghor Seat of Varanasi, India, Babaji’s teachings are deeply rooted in ancient wisdom, yet practical for this day and age. He is the spiritual teacher at two ashrams: in Sonoma, California and in India.

Living Deeply Practices are short experiential audios guided by wonderful leaders from a range of wisdom traditions.

Living Deeply Practice: "Aligning with Spirit" with Michael Bernard Beckwith

Michael Bernard Beckwith is the founder and Spiritual Director of the Agape International Spiritual Center in Southern California, with a support base of 10,000 local members and 1 million friends from across the U.S. and around the globe.

Living Deeply Practices are short experiential audios guided by wonderful leaders from a range of wisdom traditions.

"UFOs and the National Security State" with Richard Dolan

UFO researcher, author and historian, Richard Dolan, discusses his book, which describes the history of the UFO phenomenon and coverup from 1973 until the end of the cold war in 1991, with host Dean Radin.

Mr. Dolan also discusses his previous book, published in 2000, UFOs and the National Security State, which details the major UFO cases and policies toward UFOs by the military and intelligence community after WWII until 1973.

"The Noetic Science behind 'The Lost Symbol' book" with Daryl Bem

Daryl Bem, PhD, Emeritus Professor of Psychology at Cornell University, has published on several diverse topics in psychology, including psi (ESP), attitudes and public opinion, group decision making, self-perception, personality theory, and sexual orientation. In this teleseminar, he provides an insightful overview of psi research, definitions, and experiments.


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