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"Brain Functioning" with Fred Travis

This presentation centers around two points: 1) The brain processes in-group and out-group experiences differently.  Different styles of brain functioning are also seen when considering facts about other paradigms and suggests a neurobiological explanation of "paradigm blindness."  2) Every experience changes the brain.  To change the current paradigm one needs to seek post-symbolic experiences that transcend symbolic, representational thought.  Research will be presented suggesting that meditation practices build brain circuits that support a more wholistic world view .

"The Biology and Sociology of Good and Evil" with Van Jones and Thomas Lewis

Psychiatrist Thomas Lewis, who has studied the neurobiology of emotion, and human rights activist and lawyer, Van Jones present two perspectives on understanding good and evil. Is our perception of good and evil biologically or culturally based?

They both provide vivid examples which demonstrate the complexity of our perceptions of what is good and what is evil.

"Beyond Mind-Body Medicine to a New Era of Healing" with Larry Dossey (part 4 of 4)

Dr. Dossey, speaking at the Reinventing Medicine conference, discusses what it is to re-invent the medical industry rather than dismantle it. Drawing from the reports of both patients and of medical experts, he proposes an integration of "first era"/allopathic and "second era"/noetic medical techniques for optimal healing.


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