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"The Neurobiology of Interconnection" with Daniel Siegel (sample)

Dr. Siegel is the co-editor of a handbook of psychiatry and the author of numerous articles, chapters, and the internationally acclaimed text, The Developing Mind: Toward a Neurobiology of Interpersonal Experience.

This book introduces the idea of interpersonal neurobiology and has been of interest to and utilized by a number of organizations, including the U.S. Department of Justice, the Vatican’s Pontifical Council for the Family, the Council on Technology and the Individual, early intervention programs and a range of clinical and research departments worldwide.

"Psychology of the Future" with Stanislav Grof

In the last five decades, psychedelic therapy and other avenues of modern consciousness research have revealed a rich array of “anomalous” phenomena that have undermined some of the most basic assumptions of modern psychiatry, psychology, and psychotherapy concerning consciousness and the human psyche in health and disease. Many of these observations are so radical that they question the basic philosophical assumptions of materialistic science.

"The Use of Psychedelics in Psychiatry and Medicine" with Charles Grob

This discussion reviews the history of psychiatric research with psychedelics from the 1950s to the present.  Particular focus is applied to recent approved investigations with normal volunteers and with specific patient populations, including those with advanced-cancer anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder and chronic post-traumatic stress disorder.  Implications of research conducted in the Brazilian Amazon with the plant hallucinogen decoction ayahuasca to future investigations designed to explore safety and efficacy in the treatment of chronic alcoholism and substance abuse are also ex

"Dancing with Difference" with Erich Jarvis

When he was eighteen years old, Erich Jarvis stood at a crossroads: should he be a professional dancer or a scientist? Not only is his personal story compelling but his dedication, perseverance, and enthusiasm for his field of science is inspiring.

Join Dr. Erich Jarvis as he shares with host Belvie Rooks some of the similarities between brain activity of birds learning to make their calls and humans learning to talk.

"Neurotheology" with Andrew Newberg

This teleseminar reviews Dr. Newberg's most recent work on the Principles of Neurotheology where he outlines the major principles that are the foundation for future neurotheological research. The principles pertain to how science and religion must interact to successfully form this new field of study. The principles also consider how science itself is performed and the capabilities and limitations of science. A variety of theological and religious ideas will also be engaged. Can neurotheology provide a new understanding of the human mind, the human brain, and human consciousness?


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