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Out of Our Heads

The notion that consciousness is confined to the brain, like software in a computer, has dominated science and philosophy for close to two centuries. Yet, according to this incisive review of contemporary neuroscience from Berkeley philosopher Nöe, the analogy is deeply flawed. In eight illuminating, mercifully jargon-free chapters, he defines what scientists really know about consciousness and makes a strong case that mind and awareness are processes that arise during a dynamic dance with the observer’s surroundings.

Our Evolving Global Brain

Rapid advances in media and communication technology are rewiring our brains while challenging our capacity to process a relentless onslaught of new stimuli. More than a “stew of electromagnetic noise,” it’s a sign that we’re moving toward cooperative intelligence and planetary cocreation.

The Enchanted Loom

With sensuous and inventive prose, this celebrated author-poet reminds us that the brain is not just a machine to be probed but a phenomenon to be marveled at. A "dream factory," a "chemistry lab," a "hall of mirrors"--the brain and mind beguile us into thinking we know who we are.

Why Science Needs Art

The more we know about reality, the more palpable its paradoxes become. The author of Proust Was a Neuroscientist believes that artistic interpretations of scientific ideas and theories offer science a new lens through which to see itself while also furthering our inquiry into the nature of consciousness.


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