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"Cocreating the New World Your Heart Yearns For" with Corinne McLaughlin and Gordon Davidson (part 1 of 2)

Did you know that the seeds of a powerful new world are growing every moment? Enjoy creative dialogue and experiential exercises designed to shift your attention from what is dying to what is being born. Discover how you can tap into this evolutionary energy and contribute your passion to our world.

"Consciousness to Action" with Andrew Beath (part 2 of 2)

EarthWays founder Andrew Beath creates a collective experience of sacred activism through discussion and implementation of the principles in his book Consciousness to Action. Starting with philosophy in the first half of the workshop, and moving to experiential activism in the second half, Andrew explores how activism and change of consciousness are a mutually reinforcing cycle.

"Wisdom of the Heart" with Joan Borysenko (part 2 of 2)

Joan Borysenko is a former Harvard medical scientist and practicing psychologist. She endeavors to weave together science, psychology, and spirituality in the service of wholeness.

In this engaging discussion about the path to wholeness, Joan shares the wisdom of a variety of spiritual leaders. This approach is in keeping with the mission of her Claritas Institute, which teaches students to respect the differences between traditions while simultaneously recognizing the essential spirituality they share.

"Crossing the Event Horizon" Nassim Haramein (part 2 of 2)

Nassim Haramein's investigation of the geometry of hyperspace combines quantum physics and cosmological understandings of universal forces with a new solution to Einstein field equations, unifying physics and integrating other sciences into a cohesive whole. Haramein's solution resulted from studies of ancient codes left in monuments and documents around the world, and may lead to some of the most important discoveries in written history.

"Healing Ourselves, Healing Our Planet" with Bruce Lipton

Bruce Lipton's keynote at the Consciousness and Healing conference, July 6-11, 2005, in Washington, DC. Here he uses cellular evidence to show that our bodies are made in the image of our environment, nature. This perspective seamlessly integrates the material and spiritual worlds, as then our spiritual development is none other than to form a living, healthy, planetary super-organism.


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