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Biology Revisioned

Biology Revisioned presents an engaging look at the changing state of biology and proposes that we reconsider our views of science and life. Harman and Sahtouris suggest that it is an historical accident that physics came to be the generally accepted root discipline of science. If, for example, biology were instead the foundation, life sciences would be analyzed in a complete different way. We would need to look at wholes (organism and ecological systems) prior to parts (fundamental particles).

Reinventing the Sacred

Consider the woven integrated complexity of a living cell after 3.8 billion years of evolution. Is it more awe-inspiring to suppose that a transcendent God fashioned the cell, or to consider that the living organism was created by the evolving biosphere? As the eminent complexity theorist Stuart Kauffman explains in this ambitious and groundbreaking new book, people who do not believe in God have largely lost their sense of the sacred and the deep human legitimacy of our inherited spirituality. For those who believe in a Creator God, no science will ever disprove that belief.

Sacred Geometry

There are archetypal patterns behind every material thing in the universe. A new holistic science that understands those patterns will help us resolve some of our most pressing environmental and social problems.

Who Are We?

In this short excerpt from his new book, the renowned primatologist shows that humans have as much in common with the conciliatory bonobo as with the bloodthirsty chimpanzee.

The Wild Human

In his new book, Nature and the Human Soul, depth psychologist Bill Plotkin introduces a visionary ecopsychology of human development that reveals how fully and creatively we can mature when soul and nature guide us. The goal is to evolve from an egocentric view of ourselves and the planet to a soulcentric one.

Living Deeply Practice: "Morning Prayer" with Rabbi Jonathan Omer-Man

Rabbi Jonathan Omer-Man is a writer, religious guide, spiritual counselor and founder of Metivta: a center for contemplative Judaism. For more than 25 years he lived in Jerusalem, where he worked and studied with some of the greatest contemporary Jewish teachers.

Living Deeply Practices are short experiential audios guided by wonderful leaders from a range of wisdom traditions.


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