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"Modern Mediumship Research" with Gary Schwartz

Have you ever wondered whether mediums - who purport to be communicating with spirits on the other side - hold up under the scrutiny of science? This teleseminar takes you to the edge of spooky science with Dr. Gary Schwartz, one of the world's leading scientific researchers of these supernatural claims. Do we survive bodily death? If so, what might the spirit realm be like?

Join Gary Schwartz and IONS Senior Scientist Dean Radin in a teleseminar discussion that answers the questions that you have always wanted to ask of a serious research scientist.

"Reclaim the Future" with Van Jones

Human rights leader Van Jones is sounding a powerful call for change movements to come together and "Reclaim the Future." Join Stephen Dinan and Van in a free-ranging discussion about how we can all become better agents of change for the future we want to see.

Find out why Van was the #1 rated presenter at the IONS international conference in 2005!

"Animating the Compassionate Trickster" with Caroline Casey (Q&A)

Inauguration Augury - the word "inauguration" is derived from the augur, the diviner, to whom nature would speak, revealing through pattern the best human steward for all of creation - and they would be "inaugurated." Well, let's bring that back!

We are always voting for reality, and now we are electing a guiding story, the emergent irresistibly eloquent invitation to emerge from the rubble of Empire and collaborate with everything, with Trickster as guide.

"Rethinking the Scientific Method" with Jonathan Schooler

Why, despite a wealth of evidence to the contrary, is the prevailing scientific paradigm is essentially materialist, reducing all phenomena to physical substrates and excluding consciousness? IONS Senior Scientist Dean Radin talks with social psychologist and consciousness researcher Jonathan Schooler, recently profiled in the New Yorker magazine, about why psi research has yet to convince the scientific and academic community that consciousness is a fundamental element that must be included, rather than excluded, from scientific inquiry. Drs.


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