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"Creating a World that Works for All" with Sharif Abdullah

Sharif Abdullah says: We are in deep trouble. We live in a world that works for only a few. It doesn’t work for those it purports to serve. This world was created by a shift in consciousness, a shift to exclusivity. Through the practice of exclusivity, "I am separate", we have created a soul-starved society. Exclusivity has created societal and personal problems that are fundamental, nightmarish, complex and interlocking: The Mess. The Mess leads to an inner emptiness, a hunger for the Sacred.

"Cells and the Sacred" with Sondra Barrett

What can your cells teach you about living a spiritual life, love, and the Self? 100 trillion individual cells create your personal physical universe providing their own "wisdom medicine" through self-diagnosis, love, repair, regulation, and regeneration.

Cells are imbued with both biological functions and sacred wisdom. The matrix or cytoskeleton of the cell, said to be the seat of inner intelligence and consciousness, holds clues to the anatomy of energy, vibrational healing and the power of movement practices such as yoga and qigong.

Teleseminar with Ed Bastian

In this teleseminar, host Tina Amorok talks with Ed Bastian, President and Founder of the Spiritual Paths Foundation. They explore various indigenous traditions and how their beliefs can effect our lives and how spiritual knowledge, values, and experiences can help solve the critical challenges of the 21st century.

"Shamanism and Reality" with Michael Harner

In this teleseminar, host Marilyn Schlitz talks with Michael Harner, widely acknowledged as the world's foremost authority on shamanism. Dr. Harner discusses his decades of research into the shamanic practices of tribes around the world and the common elements he discovered.

As they explore definitions of ordinary and non-ordinary reality, Marilyn and Michael share their similar research experiences. Dr. Harner is the founder of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies and encourages anyone with an interest in shamanism to take a workshop to experience the practices first hand.


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