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Poetic Medicine

Western medicine's zealous preoccupation with technology, prescription drugs, and financial return has taken much of the healing out of health care. Citing research and his own experience with patients, poetry therapist John Fox offers another path; he shows how reading, hearing, and writing poems can be a healing catalyst and can transform people in profound ways.

Spontaneous Remission

In 1993, the Institute of Noetic Sciences published Spontaneous Remission: An Annotated Bibliography. In this work, the authors, Caryle Hirshberg and the late Brendan O'Regan, defined spontaneous remission as "the disappearance, complete or incomplete, of a disease or cancer without medical treatment or treatment that is considered inadequate to produce the resulting disappearance of disease symptoms or tumor."

The Everyday Miracle of Healing

Sri Swamini Mayatitananda survived cancer (and the fashion industry) to become an expert in Ayurveda. At the heart of her health model is the recognition that "each of us has an immutable spirit that can transcend every challenge." The path to connecting with that spirit lies in cultivating our inner awareness. 

Living Deeply Practice: "Wholeness" with Baba Harihar Ramji

Baba Harihar Ramji is a bridge between the ancient and modern world. Continuing the mystical lineage of the Aghor Seat of Varanasi, India, Babaji’s teachings are deeply rooted in ancient wisdom, yet practical for this day and age. He is the spiritual teacher at two ashrams: in Sonoma, California and in India.

Living Deeply Practices are short experiential audios guided by wonderful leaders from a range of wisdom traditions.


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