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"From Bystanders to Peacemakers" with Rick Phillips

Rick Phillips is the co-developer of Safe School Ambassadors®, a youth-centered, violence prevention program that has been implemented in more than 650 schools across the United States and Canada.

In this discussion with host Marilyn Schlitz, he cites the role of "bystander culture" in undermining community health, advocates the "3 Ps" - Purpose, Power, and Place - for giving kids the resources they need to make a difference in their schools and larger communities, and describes the success of the Safe School Ambassadors program.

"Breakthrough Solutions" with Eleanor LeCain

In discussion with host Stephen Dinan, Eleanor describes "citizens' solutions councils" as the bridge between grassroots ingenuity and institutional resources. She urges us to move away from working in technological isolation toward working with our communities to identify and build on what works. The resulting movement, trans-partisan and free from ideological standoffs, can reshape our economy and our world in a way that positions it well for the 21st century.

"Global Oneness Project" with Emmanuel Vaughan-Lee

Emmanuel Vaughan-Lee has traveled to the far corners of the earth to create a remarkable video library of insight and inspiration called the Global Oneness Project. Built from stories of remarkable people who work in slums, combat zones, and remote areas of the developing world, Global Oneness Project celebrates both our diversity and our unity, showing how inspiring individuals are putting spiritual ideas into everyday practice.


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