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Beyond Violence?

It’s chronic. It’s pervasive. It’s almost normal. But is violence a necessary part of the human condition? One school of thought sees violence as a natural factor in evolution, pushing the dynamic of diversity between and within groups. In this lead feature, Shift’s editor McNeill presents a variety of perspectives, and asks us to consider the possibility of a world beyond violent conflict.

Matters of Consequence

Matters of Consequence is a cross-disciplinary map of reality that addresses human concerns at the beginning of the twenty-first century. Among these are personal concerns such as living a creative and significant life, and societal ones such as sustainability and economic justice. The book’s underlying assumption is this: If we come to understand the interior and exterior aspects of the human situation — deeply, comprehensively, clearly — then what needs to be done, both in our personal lives and the world around us, becomes clear.

The Workplace Revolution

From the Enron debacle to the Martha Stewart scandal, trust in business practices and in corporate leaders has been seriously jeopardized, hitting an all-time low. According to Matthew Gilbert in his latest book, The Workplace Revolution, the problem stems from a relentless work ethic, the tireless pursuit of profit, and the conflict between business values and human values.

The Woman in the Shaman's Body

A distinguished anthropologist–who is also an initiated shaman–reveals the long-hidden female roots of the world’s oldest form of religion and medicine. Here is a fascinating expedition into this ancient tradition, from its prehistoric beginnings to the work of women shamans across the globe today.


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