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Collective Consciousness at Burning Man: An Overview of the Research

From 2012 through 2016, scientists from the Institute of Noetic Sciences went to the Burning Man festival to explore the often reported subjective experience of an “energetic shift” during the two main ceremonies – the Man Burn and the Temple Burn. This reported feeling seems to be evoked when tens of thousands of people coherently focus on the same event. We wanted to learn more.

Dr. Peter Bancel on the Global Consciousness Project

This was a webinar recorded on November 23, 2013, co-hosted by the Dutch Society for Psychical Research and the Institute of Noetic Sciences.

The hypothesis of the Global Consciousness Project is that there is a collective or global mind that is detectable with physical devices called random number generators. Dr. Bancel gives a high-level description of the project and the primary results, and then dives into the many subtleties involved in interpreting the results.

Entangled Minds

How soon will the paranormal be normal? IONS Senior Scientist Dean Radin exposes a restlessness brewing in science and society as the theory of quantum entanglement points to minds connected across space and time.

Fields of Form

The hypothesis of morphic fields continues to be a fascinating and controversial theory of how organization occurs in the natural world. Sheldrake’s theory touches on a wide variety of phenomena, from the formation of crystals to the behavior of human minds.

The Resonant Heart

More than just a simple organ, the heart is a powerful regulator of our body systems . . . and our social relationships. By cultivating positive emotions and increasing the sensitivity of our hearts, we deepen our connections within our social and individual bodies.


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