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"New Money for a New World" with Bernard Lietaer

Join host Matthew Gilbert and his guest Bernard Lietaer, an economist and author who was one of the designers of the European currency, the Euro. Bernard has been active in the domain of money systems for over 25 years in a wide variety of functions. His consulting experience spans four continents and ranges from multinational corporations to developing countries. He is the author of The Future of Money and the forthcoming Of Human Wealth.

"Animating the Compassionate Trickster" with Caroline Casey (Q&A)

Inauguration Augury - the word "inauguration" is derived from the augur, the diviner, to whom nature would speak, revealing through pattern the best human steward for all of creation - and they would be "inaugurated." Well, let's bring that back!

We are always voting for reality, and now we are electing a guiding story, the emergent irresistibly eloquent invitation to emerge from the rubble of Empire and collaborate with everything, with Trickster as guide.


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