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Insight is the mind's magic in action, solving problems, understanding relationships, creating new images--with a speed and certainty unavailable to ordinary consciousness. Breakthrough insights go even further. They take a quantum leap beyond ordinary creativity and our previous ways of looking at things to a whole new method of resolving our difficulties. Almost all of us have experienced such moments in relation to work-oriented or personal problems and wish we could have them more often. In fact, we can.


International photographer Marian Kraus published his first collection of photography and writings, entitled Inspirationals. The content, divided into four chapters - stone, sand, tree, and water - captures and conveys the interconnectedness of all that is in and around us in its most essential and purest form, according to Marian Kraus in the book's introduction. It is furthermore meant to bring the reader closer to the fragile state of our planet and the ever increasing need for such elementary qualities as peace, compassion, truth, love, respect, and forgiveness.

Walking on Water

Walking on Water is a startling and provocative look at teaching, writing, creativity, and life by a writer increasingly recognized for his passionate and articulate critique of modern civilization. This time Derrick Jensen brings us into his classroom--whether college or maximum security prison--where he teaches writing. He reveals how schools perpetuate the great illusion that happiness lies outside of ourselves and that learning to please and submit to those in power makes us into lifelong clock-watchers.


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