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International photographer Marian Kraus published his first collection of photography and writings, entitled Inspirationals. The content, divided into four chapters - stone, sand, tree, and water - captures and conveys the interconnectedness of all that is in and around us in its most essential and purest form, according to Marian Kraus in the book's introduction. It is furthermore meant to bring the reader closer to the fragile state of our planet and the ever increasing need for such elementary qualities as peace, compassion, truth, love, respect, and forgiveness. The images in Inspirationals were thoughtfully selected from Marian s collection of photographs he has taken while traveling around the world. During his journeys, Kraus collected his insights, thoughts, and inspirations along the way, many of which are included in Inspirationals, each accompanied by his photographs, which together manifest his reflections from his various excursions and life experiences.

In his foreword, Marian eloquently expresses his intent in creating Inspirationals: to provide [the reader] with a gateway to the perfect beauty and healing energy residing within us all as well as within nature. I furthermore wish to inspire [the reader] to discover and live [their] own dream. Marian Kraus grew up in Central Europe and spent 20 years of his life with an international industrial conglomerate; these experiences helped him to recognize a greater need for balance, harmony and authenticity in our collective environments. In 1999, he left his corporate career to pursue his dream of being a full-time photographer and in 2002 opened L Artiste2, A Gallery of Integrated Arts in downtown Naperville. Inspirationals is available for purchase at the gallery, run by Kraus and his wife Jennifer, a licensed Yoga teacher and massage therapist, and their friend and business partner, Claudine Beeson. In addition to the book, many of Marian's photos are on display for sale, as well as a selection of complimenting works from other artists.

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Publication Date: 
September 2007
98 pages
Arts & Creativity
Nature & Ecology