"Science of Intuition" with Rupert Sheldrake

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"Science of Intuition" with Rupert Sheldrake

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What is intuition? And how would you go about measuring it? Such questions may seem impossible to study, because one definition of intuition is "knowing without knowing how you know." But for over a century many experiments have been conducted exploring the nature of "unknown knowing," and we are beginning to understand this domain. Rupert Sheldrake will describe some of the types of intuition and experiments he has developed to study such phenomena. He will also discuss experimental replications of these effects, which is a central issue in establishing scientifically acceptable facts.

Rupert has promoted what he calls the democratization of science, and he’ll discuss experiments that many lay people from all over the world have contributed to in this effort. He will also discuss how dogmatic beliefs within science, known as "scientism," are analogous to fundamentalist religious beliefs, and how both ideologies actively block the spirit of unfettered inquiry in science.

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