"Moving from abstraction to embodied consciousness" with Robert Duggan

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"Moving from abstraction to embodied consciousness" with Robert Duggan

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Abstraction may be our Original Sin. And "Consciousness" may be one of our most destructive abstractions. It seems odd to me to discuss consciousness when most individuals whom I encounter do not have an embodied sensory conscious awareness of their own body.  A "headache" automatically becomes a problem to be tended with a pill rather than a moment of conscious awakening in which to remember that we have a "head" and that the complaint that it makes to us when we have our Observer awake may be teaching us to get more sleep, or water, or better quality food or less judgment about our neighbor or whatever.   Is sensory awareness of the daily phenomena of life the only real consciousness.... and when we are awake to that, we are awake to the whole?

We explore how each of us has at least five very minor and yet very specific unique physical symptoms that with awareness/consciousness become teachers and guide for how we live fully in life. They constantly call us to retune ourselves to a centered way of being in life.

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