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"Life Before Life" with Jim Tucker

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Some people seem to have memories of past lives. Are those memories accurate? How would you go about assessing the truth of those memories? Jim Tucker has made it his business to explore these matters. In his book, Life Before Life: A Scientific Investigation of Children's Memories of Previous Lives, he presents an overview of more than 40 years of research at the University Of Virginia Division Of Personality Studies into children's reports of past life memories. He describes some of the findings, including unusual play, behavior patterns, specific phobias, and birthmarks or birth defects specifically related to the life and death of the previous personality. He will discuss the interpretation of the data and details about the methodology as well as possible pitfalls of individual cases.

Tucker challenges the notion that consciousness is only the result of a functioning brain. He suggests that consciousness can be considered separately from the brain, which provides a basis for claims of reincarnation. He also discusses objections to reincarnation: the few persons who actually claim to remember a past life, the fragility of memories, the population explosion, the mind-body problem, fraud, and others.

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