"The Labyrinth" with Lauren Artress

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"The Labyrinth" with Lauren Artress

An Ancient Tool for Chaotic Times

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We live much of our lives in a left-brain oriented world that values knowledge as power. But there’s another way to experience the world—from the reflective, emotionally embodied, intuitive, synchronistic, nonlinear, and integrative right brain.

In this teleseminar we explore the ancient practice of walking the labyrinth with Rev. Lauren Artress. As we walk we shift consciousness from our left brain to our right brain, and bring to the surface the deeply intuitive part of ourselves that offers wisdom rather than simply knowledge.

In her classes Artress teaches through labyrinth walks, group discussions, individual reflection, and journaling to deepen into the ancient practice of the labyrinth and bring balance between our left and right brain. As we create a whole new mind, we ask and answer the questions, “What do I seek? What in my life is calling me?”

We also gain a greater awareness of how to quiet our mind, a deeper understanding of what might be blocking our potential, and insight to make the changes necessary to live our life more fully.

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