"Huichol Shamanism" with Brant Secunda

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"Huichol Shamanism" with Brant Secunda

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The Huichols believe healing is a way of life that permeates every aspect of our existence, not just a response to illness. By living in balance with Nature, and incorporating the healing power of love, joy and laughter, the Huichols live a simple but profound life.

They use ceremony, sacred dance and pilgrimage to connect the human heart to the heart of creation. The Dance of the Deer, a beautiful and intense sacred dance, allows the dancers to enter a trance state of joy and ecstasy and journey through a sacred doorway called the Nierika, “the face of the divine” as a link to other realms of consciousness and being.

Huichol Indian Shamanism is an ancient shamanic tradition that lives on today. The Huichol Indians who live in the Sierra Madre mountains of Mexico are believed to be the only tribe in North America to maintain their pre-Columbian traditions intact.

Participants in Brant’s classes learn practices of shamanic health and healing, the use of dreams to guide and empower their lives, ways to approach sacred places of power in nature, and how to embrace that power to nourish and balance themselves. 

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