"Historical Roots of Noetic" with Mitch Horowitz

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"Historical Roots of Noetic" with Mitch Horowitz

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Noetic Sciences are not exclusively new but instead contain the esoteric core of all the world's religions, East and West, ancient and modern. During previous times of repression, the wisdom was hidden underground by various wisdom keepers. Mitch Horowitz describes how religious freedom in America provided safe harbor for such wisdom.

Esoteric practices that had once seemed mysterious or even sinister in the Old World – such as Mesmerism, divination, and telepathy – morphed into a bevy of friendlier-sounding philosophies in America, some involving positive visualization, personal affirmations, and think-and-grow-rich techniques. Such approaches came to form the core of the therapeutic spiritual principles that today some call New Age. This “hidden wisdom” transformed the spiritual life of the still-young nation and, through it, much of the Western world.

Indeed, arcane philosophy in America often trafficked with rebellion against the status quo. Drawing from this rich heritage, student activists of the 1960’s combined social and spiritual rebellion, exposing America to the religions of the East and contributing to a revival of shamanism and Native American mysticism. Feminism and Wicca found common embrace as the movement toward “goddess-based” spirituality grew in the 1970s and 80s.

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