"Eating with Reverence" with Shannon Kring Buset

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"Eating with Reverence" with Shannon Kring Buset

Food for the Soul

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For centuries, the Balinese have offered up daily prayers for the entire life cycle of food, from the planting of the seed to the harvest, and from the preparation of the ingredients to the finished dish. The Maya have created each celebratory meal with the “holy trinity” of Mayan cuisine—maize, frijoles, and squash—each of which holds deep spiritual significance. The Keralites have focused their culinary energies on meeting the deeply personal physical, mental, and spiritual needs of those for whom they cook.

What does the way in which we in the US raise, purchase, prepare, and eat our foods say about us? How does it speak to the way in which we regard our bodies, our communities, our environment, and the universe at large?

We explore the sacred culinary traditions of the past, and how we can call on these teachings to better nourish our bodies, minds, spirits, and planet today. Included are: Intentional cooking, symbolic cooking, elemental cooking, Ayurvedic cuisine, mindful eating, “power” and “embodiment” ingredients through the ages, and much more.

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