"Bridging the Science of Emotion with Contemplative Traditions" with Margaret Kemeny (sample)

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"Bridging the Science of Emotion with Contemplative Traditions" with Margaret Kemeny (sample)

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This teleseminar journeys to the frontiers of stress and healing with Dr. Margaret Kemeny, who is Professor of Psychiatry and director of a joint PhD program in Health Psychology and Behavioral Neuroscience between the UCSF and UC Berkeley campuses. She talks with host Marilyn Schlitz, identifying the links between psychological factors, the immune system and health. Dr. Kemeny has made important contributions to our understanding of the ways in which one's thoughts and feelings shape biological responses to stress.

Dr. Kemeny shares results of her research with melanoma patients, a research project with teachers and describes her participation in a program with the Dalai Lama. In that study she recognized the importance of compassion, a word which doesn’t have a definition in modern psychology. Negative thoughts about ourselves can prevent us from having compassion, or seeing the pain in others. Awareness of the thought process, which develops during meditation, can result in increased compassion. Recognizing negative thoughts when they arise can help us step back from the emotion and gain perspective. Finally, Dr. Kemeny shares simple ways we can get in touch with our emotional lives to help reduce stress and positively affect our immune systems.

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