"Transformational Life Mapping" with Tina Amorok (part 2 of 4)

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"Transformational Life Mapping" with Tina Amorok (part 2 of 4)

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At the IONS 2007 Conference, "Consciousness in Action," Tina Amorok took the audience through a process called "Mapping Your Own Transformative Life Path."  In this second segment Tina gives a brief overview of the two timelines used in the transformational mapping process. Although at the IONS 2007 conference the participants were talking about their transformational maps with each other, Tina suggests journaling and drawing as ways to give form, shape, name and metaphor to your experiences. She presents a number of questions and ‘talking points’ that you can use to help in your journaling as you explore the themes, insights and realizations emerging in your transformational maps.

Instructions and PDF files for the exercises used in the Transformational Life Mapping process can be downloaded below.

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