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Living Deeply

This engaging book, the fruit of the Institute of Noetic Sciences' ongoing investigation into the power and potential of human consciousness, brings what we know about achieving personal transformation off the mountain top, down from the ivory tower, out of the laboratory, and into your hands. Groundbreaking insights were gleaned from representatives of many major world religions including Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Native American cosmology, and contemporary forms of spirituality, and are complemented by the latest discoveries from science.

From "Me" to "We"

An IONS community group applies some of the principles of the book Living Deeply to their own transformational potential. Sharing, storytelling, and celebration anchored this process of individual and collective deepening.

Poetic Medicine

Western medicine's zealous preoccupation with technology, prescription drugs, and financial return has taken much of the healing out of health care. Citing research and his own experience with patients, poetry therapist John Fox offers another path; he shows how reading, hearing, and writing poems can be a healing catalyst and can transform people in profound ways.

"The Labyrinth" with Lauren Artress

We live much of our lives in a left-brain oriented world that values knowledge as power. But there’s another way to experience the world—from the reflective, emotionally embodied, intuitive, synchronistic, nonlinear, and integrative right brain.

In this teleseminar we explore the ancient practice of walking the labyrinth with Rev. Lauren Artress. As we walk we shift consciousness from our left brain to our right brain, and bring to the surface the deeply intuitive part of ourselves that offers wisdom rather than simply knowledge.

"Imagineering the Future" with Dana Lynne Andersen

Logic, rationality and linear causation express a ‘particle’ perspective.  These left brain modes of knowing reveal a material reality that occurs in discreet packages of information wherein sequence is paramount to meaning; A causes B.  Synchronistic causation expresses a ‘wave’ perspective, revealing how reality occurs in fluid pulses. In the right brain synchronistic way of perceiving, information is co-present in time and meaning appears as a gestalt.

Living Deeply Practice: "Visioning" with Rev. Andriette Earl

Reverend Andriette Earl is an author and the Assistant Minister of East Bay Church of Religious Science in Oakland, CA. She is known for her dynamic "edu-tainment" style, through which she delivers powerful messages of inspiration as well as captivating presentations, trainings, and workshops.

Living Deeply Practices are short experiential audios guided by wonderful leaders from a range of wisdom traditions.

Living Deeply Practice: "Relaxation" with Swami Veda Bharati

Swami Veda Bharati has spent the past 53 years teaching, providing spiritual guidance, and has taught the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali since the age of nine and the Vedas since the age of eleven. He is the author of a comprehensive commentary on Patanjali's Yoga Sutras and many other books.

Living Deeply Practices are short experiential audios guided by wonderful leaders from a range of wisdom traditions.


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