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The president of IONS applauds the emergence of a vision of global peace but cautions that there is still much work to be done.

"Science of Transformation" with Daniel Siegel

How can we understand transformation in a scientific way? We could start by understanding the mind. Mind is the process that regulates the flow of energy and information. So how would you regulate the mind? By developing the ability to see mental activity with more clarity and then modify it with more effectiveness. Dr. Daniel Siegel calls this ability “Mindsight” and says there’s something about being able to see and influence your internal world that creates more health.

"The Timing of Paradigm Shifts" with Richard Tarnas

A major paradigm shift within the collective depends on more than just theory or new empirical data. It needs a whole new soil, a larger archetypal matrix in which to bloom and grow. Richard Tarnas describes the archetypal dimension, how it can be seen in the Copernican revolution and how Jung brought the archetypal dimension to the forefront. He also discusses how astrology can be used to see the timing of when archetypal patterns will play out and the mass transformations we can expect to experience at the archetypal level in the coming years.


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