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Making Our Voices Count

“The broadcast industry needs to continue informing the public about the world’s problems,” says media activist Kim Weichel, in this profile by writer Holland, “but they fail us when they do not also focus equal attention on possible solutions.”

Smart Mobs

“An unprecedented phenomenon where groups of people cluster temporarily around information and goals of mutual interest.” Virtual reality guru Rheingold explores the frontiers of true mass media.

Zen TV

“When we seek media confirmation, we acknowledge and assume that our personal experiences no longer qualify as reality,” says sociologist McGrane.

Our Evolving Global Brain

Rapid advances in media and communication technology are rewiring our brains while challenging our capacity to process a relentless onslaught of new stimuli. More than a “stew of electromagnetic noise,” it’s a sign that we’re moving toward cooperative intelligence and planetary cocreation.

Visions from the Techno-Mystic Edge

Writer, producer, and "transmedia" consultant Kate McCallum surveys the mind-blowing intersection of brain science, digital technology, and the visual arts. From fractal biofeedback software to virtual-reality immersions, media makers today are crossing a threshold of creative expression as they explore new ways to engage human beings at deeper levels.

"Global Oneness Project" with Emmanuel Vaughan-Lee

Emmanuel Vaughan-Lee has traveled to the far corners of the earth to create a remarkable video library of insight and inspiration called the Global Oneness Project. Built from stories of remarkable people who work in slums, combat zones, and remote areas of the developing world, Global Oneness Project celebrates both our diversity and our unity, showing how inspiring individuals are putting spiritual ideas into everyday practice.


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