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7 Tools to Help Your Child Deal with Conflict

We live in challenging times. Throughout the world the viewpoints of different groups and cultures often clash with one another. Now, more than ever, it is crucial we learn how to be more aware of the natural biases of our own perspective, as well as attempt to comprehend and respect the perspectives of others. In this new freeIONS ebook we use our research to help parents and children explore facets of multiple perspectives, giving practical tools to help create a world that functions in greater collaboration and harmony.

Free To Be Me

A Memoir of Profound Generational Healing Through marriages, births, travel, divorces, deaths, tears, joy, and much more, these poignant memoirs inspire and teach us how we can overcome the chains of our past and become who we are truly meant to be. With origins in the ancient olive groves of Palestine, this remarkable window into the lives of five generations of women is an inspiring true story of how they overcame the many cultural and societal limitations they found themselves struggling with. The narrative begins in the 1800s, with the authors’ great-great-grandmothers.

The Seeker

It is 1925 and India’s struggle for independence is in disarray, impeded by factionalism among its leaders and rising incidents of unrest across the country. Meanwhile, having withdrawn himself from active politics, Mahatma Gandhi is in an ashram immersed in what he considers the most important undertaking of his life—the creation of a community that is wholly dedicated to the highest standards of self-discipline, tolerance, and austerity.

The Emotional Lives of Animals

Based on Marc Bekoff's years of experience studying the social communication patterns of a wide range of animals, this important book shows that animals have rich emotional lives. Not only can animal emotions teach us about love, empathy, and compassion, argues Bekoff -- they require us to radically rethink our current relationship of domination and abuse of animals.

The Three Marriages

Drawing from his own experience and the lives of some of the world’s great writers and poets, David Whyte brings compelling insights to our three most important commitments— to another, to our work, and to ourselves—to frame a complete picture of a satisfying life.


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