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"Consciousness, Healing and Happiness" with Frances Vaughan

Why does consciousness matter? Recognizing that we all participate in the evolution of consciousness makes a tremendous difference to our individual and collective wellbeing. As individuals we know that a positive shift in consciousness contributes to healing body, mind, heart and soul. This shift is also essential for healing relationships and building communities of freedom.

"The Wisdom of Chi Healing" with Master Mingtong Gu

Master Mingtong Gu teaches the Wisdom Healing Qigong used by a Qigong hospital in China, that treated more than 200,000 patients with all types of illnesses from cancer and diabetes to heart disease, neurological disease, autoimmune disease, strokes, heart disease, depression, insomnia, backaches, and headaches. The hospital reported a 95% overall success rate. Join us for a delightful conversation with Master Gu who shares how the power of the mind can work with subtle energy and group field to accelerate the healing and transformation of self and the world.

"Horses, Somatics, and Spirit" with Beverley Kane

What can horses teach us about our own physicality and spirituality? What does it mean to be “healthy as a horse”? As evidenced in the growing field of equine-assisted learning and psychotherapy, horses are consummate teachers of mindfulness, somatics and somato-spiritual consciousness. They differ from dogs and cats and other predators in their responses to our body language and energy. Using Jung’s theories of psychological types and archetypes, Dr.

"Whole Person Healthcare" with Ilene Serlin

In this teleseminar Dr. Ilene Serlin, a clinical psychologist and dance/movement therapist, talks with host, Marilyn Schlitz, about an interdisciplinary collaborative health care model which is defined in the three volume book set she edited: Whole Person Healthcare. Ilene provides the historical context on the use of music and movement in the ‘backrooms’ of hospitals.  She tells of her international experience with non-verbal communication and integration of eastern and western healing practices.


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