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"From Bystanders to Peacemakers" with Rick Phillips

Rick Phillips is the co-developer of Safe School Ambassadors®, a youth-centered, violence prevention program that has been implemented in more than 650 schools across the United States and Canada.

In this discussion with host Marilyn Schlitz, he cites the role of "bystander culture" in undermining community health, advocates the "3 Ps" - Purpose, Power, and Place - for giving kids the resources they need to make a difference in their schools and larger communities, and describes the success of the Safe School Ambassadors program.

"Correlations, Consciousness, and the GCP" with Roger Nelson (extended Q&A)

The Global Consciousness Project (GCP) is a long-term experiment that extends psi research to global dimensions, looking for effects of mass consciousness. We predict that events which produce widely shared emotional reactions will register as unexpected structure in random data sequences. The GCP is associated with the Institute of Noetic Sciences, which has provided its logistical home since 1998.

"Raising Happiness" with Christine Carter

Angela Murphy hosts this discussion with Christine Carter. Did you know that we can teach kids the skills they need for happiness? Drawing on what science tells us about the factors that breed happiness in childhood and beyond, Dr. Christine Carter teaches us simple seeds we can sow in our children’s lives that set the stage for their optimism, emotional health, and confidence—while helping us become happier parents at the same time!


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