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Our Evolving Global Brain

Rapid advances in media and communication technology are rewiring our brains while challenging our capacity to process a relentless onslaught of new stimuli. More than a “stew of electromagnetic noise,” it’s a sign that we’re moving toward cooperative intelligence and planetary cocreation.

A Quiet Revolution

Spiritual teacher Adyashanti, who began his public teachings in 1996, shares his wisdom on the nature of awakening consciousness. "The most powerful impediments to awakening are our beliefs about it," he says. His recommended tools are self-honesty, meditation, and inquiry into primordial silence.

Evolving Consciousness

Beyond positions, beyond beliefs, lies a place where the mind can truly open to the possibilities of any given moment. Is such receptivity possible in a world beset by polarity and conflict? It is, says this Zen psychologist, and this potential is available to anyone.


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