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Making Our Voices Count

“The broadcast industry needs to continue informing the public about the world’s problems,” says media activist Kim Weichel, in this profile by writer Holland, “but they fail us when they do not also focus equal attention on possible solutions.”

Smart Mobs

“An unprecedented phenomenon where groups of people cluster temporarily around information and goals of mutual interest.” Virtual reality guru Rheingold explores the frontiers of true mass media.

Thinking on the Edge

Is dualistic thinking inherent in the human mind? Certainly, we often tend to see the world in terms of black or white, good or bad, right or wrong—and this divisive way of thinking has contributed to a long-standing split between science and religion. But the next stage in our evolution, Filipek believes, will involve a more flexible kind of mind where “opposites” open up new creative possibilities.

Random Event Generators

The interaction of consciousness and physical systems is most often discussed in theoretical terms, usually with reference to the epistemological and ontological challenges of quantum theory. Less well known is a growing literature reporting experiments that examine the mindmatter relationship empirically. Here we describe data from a global network of physical random number generators that shows unexpected structure apparently associated with major world events.

Living the Magical Life

Today many of us live without access to the visionary part of our psyche. We tend to think of life as being unpredictable and random--a series of disconnected events, flowing like an arrow through time. Living the Magical Life opens a doorway to a deeper vision of the world.


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