Binaural Beat Technology in Humans

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Binaural Beat Technology in Humans

A Pilot Study to Assess Psychologic and Physiologic Effects

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Binaural beat technology (BBT) products are sold internationally as personal development and health improvement tools. Producers suggest benefit from regular listening to binaural beats including reduced stress and anxiety, and increased focus, concentration, motivation, confidence, and depth in meditation. Binaural beats are auditory brainstem responses that originate in the superior olivary nucleus as a result of different frequency auditory stimuli provided to each ear. Listeners to binaural beat “hear” a beat at a frequency equal to the difference between the frequencies of the applied tones.

Wahbeh H, Calabrese C, Zwickey H.
Journal of alternative and complementary medicine (New York, N.Y.). 2007; 13(1):25-32.

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