Binaural Beat Technology in Humans

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Binaural Beat Technology in Humans

A Pilot Study to Assess Neuropsychologic, Physiologic, and Electroencephalographic Effects

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Objectives: When two auditory stimuli of different frequency are presented to each ear, binaural beats are perceived by the listener. The binaural beat frequency is equal to the difference between the frequencies applied to each ear. Our primary objective was to assess whether steady-state entrainment of electroencephalographic activity to the binaural beat occurs when exposed to a specific binaural beat frequency as has been hypothesized. Our secondary objective was to gather preliminary data on neuropsychologic and physiologic effects of binaural beat technology.

Wahbeh H, Calabrese C, Zwickey H, Zajdel D.
Journal of alternative and complementary medicine (New York, N.Y.). 2007; 13(2):199-206.

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