Living the Magical Life

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Living the Magical Life

An Oracular Adventure

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Today many of us live without access to the visionary part of our psyche. We tend to think of life as being unpredictable and random--a series of disconnected events, flowing like an arrow through time. Living the Magical Life opens a doorway to a deeper vision of the world.

Living the Magical Life offers a compelling account of one woman's journey to reclaim the magical, oracular, and spiritual dimensions of life. After building a personal altar to the Black Madonna, art critic Suzi Gablik finds herself immersed in a world of oracles and synchronicities. Adopting an attitude of openness, trust, and curiosity, she explores what it is like to experiment with the reality of divine intervention: to rely on oracular signs, numinous clues, guided inspiration, and moments of meaningful coincidence as another way of knowing and appreciating the world. Invoking the aid of the Black Madonna on her quest, she learns to stick her neck out for the magical life and discovers invisible forces and powers that constantly test the ingenuity of her spiritual imagination. Confronting the challenges of a powerful experience that is filled with paradox and ambiguity, she arrives at a very special place of being able to enjoy, accept, and trust the ultimate inscrutability of the universe.

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Phanes Press
200 pages