The Frontier of Noetic Sciences (Volume 3)

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The Frontier of Noetic Sciences (Volume 3)

Worldview Transformation

This compilation of articles represents a range of perspectives and topics in an area of exploration that IONS calls “worldview transformation”—beneficial changes in consciousness that affect how we relate to ourselves, others, and the world. They were published over the last few years in the quarterly magazine Shift: At the Frontiers of Consciousness. This IONS members-only publication, discontinued in the summer of 2009, featured news, opinions, and research from the multidisciplinary field of consciousness studies.

Each article in this volume looks at a particular institution or area of human interest—from science and media to ecology and peace—and presents a slightly different lens (or worldview) through which to explore and understand it. We believe that many of the problems we face as a species—such as injustice, poverty, violent conflict, and the destruction of our natural resources—boil down to conditioned limitations in consciousness and a narrowness of worldviews. Whether these selections challenge or confirm your existing assumptions, our goal is that they invite you to think differently about your world and your place in it.

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