The Frontier of Noetic Sciences (Volume 2)

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The Frontier of Noetic Sciences (Volume 2)

Extended Human Capacities

This series of articles, written by members of the research team at the Institute of Noetic Sciences and contributors from other fields of study, represents a variety of perspectives and topic areas in the program area that IONS calls "extended human capacities," which include such little-understood phenomena as ESP, distant healing, near-death experiences (NDEs), mind-matter interactions, and subtle energies. They were published over the last few years in the quarterly magazine Shift: At the Frontiers of Consciousness. This IONS members-only publication, discontinued in the summer of 2009, featured news, opinions, and research from the multidisciplinary field of consciousness studies.

Each article examines a different aspect of the mystery of human consciousness, drawing from existing research (both IONS-specific and others) while also speculating on what this research implies and where it might be taking us. From mind-matter interactions that directly challenge the current materialistic model of the universe to psi phenomenon for which there is no clear explanation in the dominant paradigms of traditional physics, these pieces will challenge you to think differently about your world and your place in it.

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