Do You See What I See?

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Do You See What I See?

Memoirs of a Blind Biker

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Russell Targ has been visually handicapped since childhood and yet he has performed groundbreaking research in lasers and optics. He is grounded in the world of science and yet co-created the Cold War spy program that became the real X-Files--the CIA and NASA-sponsored work in "remote viewing" that has only recently been declassified.

Targ's memoir also reads like a cultural history of the last half of the twentieth century. He meets and befriends--and tells wonderful anecdotes about--such people as Alan Greenspan, Ayn Rand, and Alan Alda, among others, including his brother-in-law, chess champion Bobby Fisher.

Do You See What I See? is the remarkable story of a visually impaired physicist who sees beyond perception to help readers find meaning and joy.

Publication Date
Publication Date: 
May 2008
Hampton Roads
296 pages