The Time of Our Lives

Watch this video recording of a presentation by Joanna Macy, PhD, recorded at the 14th International IONS Conference in 2011 – The Time of Our Lives: Opening to the Gifts of both Past and Future. Macy is a scholar of Buddhism and Living Systems Theory, known worldwide for her workshops for environmental and political activists.

Electrocortical Activity Prior to Unpredictable Stimuli in Meditators and Non-meditators

Advanced meditators occasionally report experiences of timelessness, or states of awareness that seem to transcend the usual boundaries of the subjective present. This study investigates this awareness in eight experienced meditators and eight matched controls by measuring 32 channels of EEG before, during, and after exposure to unpredictable light and sound stimuli.

Intuition through Time

A great deal of human activity is involved in anticipating the future, from predicting the next influenza strain to the expectations that underlie the placebo effect. Most models of anticipation take for granted that events unfold in a unidirectional flow of time, from past to future. Two experiments were conducted to test this assumption.

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