Cassandra Vieten at TEDxNapaValley

Watch Cassandra Vieten presenting at TEDxNapaValley at the beautiful Napa Valley Opera House. The theme of the day was "Connected," and her talk is on "The Science of Interconnectedness." Cassandra begins with an overview of how interconnectedness has inspired people in important ways throughout history. Then she shares some of what modern science is telling us about interconnectedness, and ends with a discussion of the work that we're engaged in at IONS exploring interconnection in ways that go beyond the traditionally understood five senses.

Cassandra Vieten at TEDxBlackRockCity

Watch IONS Executive Director of Research Cassandra Vieten, PhD, give her TEDx talk at Black Rock City in the Nevada Desert for Burning Man 2012, where she was working with colleagues on an experiment in collective consciousness. In addition to talking about the experiment they were doing, Cassandra also shares the value of Noetic Sciences and why she disagrees with critiques of Noetic Sciences that researchers often encounter. Along with this video of the talk, included below, is a more detailed follow-up phone interview that Cassandra did with one of the TEDx producers.

"Taboos in Science and Spirituality" with Dean Radin (part 3 of 4)

Concepts that challenge the scientific dogma of the day are defined as Stubborn Taboos by Dean in this segment. The topics of homeopathy, cold fusion and UFO studies are all Stubborn Taboos. Acupuncture used to be a stubborn taboo but that status is fading. Dean also approaches his third category of taboos and reflects on the contradiction between the interest of the population with topics including psychic phenomenon and lack of University support of research in that area.

Embracing Mind

What is Mind? For this ancient question we are still seeking answers. B. Alan Wallace and Brian Hodel propose a science of the mind based on the contemplative wisdom of Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism, Christianity, and Islam.


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