Men in Black Dresses

If we pause long enough, we can hear, above the din of our planet's rapid globalization and technological advancement, the quiet voices of spiritual leaders from ancient faiths. Middle East historian Yvonne Seng asks, What can these modern Desert Fathers with their long history of survival advise us on the future of our planet? Her intellectual quest rapidly becomes a personal journey that turns her Western training and perceptions on their head.

"Embodying Multi-Racial Consciousness" with Juliet Ellis

Juliet Ellis is truly a citizen of an emerging multi-cultural reality in which many of the old categories used to define and describe our identities in the world are no longer a comfortable fit. Juliet was born in Canada. Both of her parents are Jamaican. One is Black Jamaican and the other a White Jamaican of Scottish ancestry. Juliet moved to the US in 1976 and grew up in the Midwest. She is married to a White American who also grew up in the Midwest. They have a 20-month old son whom she says, “is the product of all this.”

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